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Parade of Shoes: A tribute to Julia

Screamapillar Screamapillar
The caption reads: Screamapiller [far right, mauve kiltie-tassle Jimmy Choo stilettos] and some of her students saluting Julia, and wishing her speed to a place where shoes are plentiful, colorful and comfortable. May they move you through this life and the next.
Netfoot Netfoot
Netfoot from the TWoP Amazing Race forum.
Dotcom Dotcom
Netfoot's "son", who was photographed in the only pair of shoes he would wear!
From the TWoP Amazing Race Meet Market
Fields of Gold Fields of Gold
From the Amazing Race Meet Market
Chyna Chyna
Chyna from TWoP Buffy Boards
AnnieF AnnieF
AnnieF from TWoP Buffy Boards
Boliver Boliver
Boliver from the TWoP Buffy forum.
Escape Escape
Escape (far right, Emilio Pucci slingbacks), escape's sister, mother, and niece in their favorite shoes as a tribute to Julia.
JHeaton JHeaton
JHeaton from LJ and the TWoP Buffy forum.
Petzipellepingo Petzipellepingo
Petzipellepingo from LJ and TWoP Buffy forum. She chose these mocassins because they have a white background and white is the color of lung cancer ribbons. Plus the flower decoration reminds her of all the conversations she and Julia had about flowers
Snowysmom Snowysmom
Snowysmom from the TWoP Buffy forums, with snowy hiding in the background.
dinahmoe dinahmoe
Dinahmoe from Snarkfest sent me a picture of the shoes she was wearing today.
Hostile16 Hostile16
Hostile16 from the TWoP Buffy forum.
Lissie Lissie
Lissie from TWoP Buffy forum.
neighbors neighbors
neighbors from TWoP Buffy forum.
Selannia Selannia
Selannia from TWoP Buffy forum and LJ.
sunshine95 sunshine95
sunshine95 from Snarkfest.
taylork taylork
taylork from TWoP Buffy forum.
valny valny
valny from TWoP Buffy forum.
Vnutt Vnutt
Vnutt from the TWoP Sandra Lee forum.
ZenLizzy ZenLizzy
ZenLizzy from the TWoP Buffy forum.
Kitten Poker Cheater Kitten Poker Cheater
Kitten Poker Cheater from TWoP Buffy forum.
YME from the TWoP Buffy forum.
Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
Carrie Ann from Snarkfest in her "delightful" Via Spiga pumps, which she claims are, "so worth the pain they cause my feet every time I wear them."
Eden Eden
Eden from TWoP Buffy forum and LJ wrote, "My mother bought me these shoes for my 30th birthday, telling me that everyone should have something fabulous for their 30th birthday. And she was right. These shoes make me fabulous. I feel fabulous in them and I wear them when I want everyone to know just how wonderful I am. Julia - Thank you for giving me an opportunity to wear such fabulous shoes. I won't forget you and I know that you are looking down on us and smiling. Say hi to my mom for me, will you?"
Rocknrollgidget Rocknrollgidget
rocknrollgidget from LJ wrote, "I started out in my faves - the cute red plaid ones. Those went to the salon for a leg wax and then to the grocery store. As predicted, I started to get a blister but I was prepared and for the trip home I put on the flip-flops. Later to go see Sex & the City with Erin, I switched to the newest pair - the quirky yet comfy Dr Scholls."
lucy_bliss lucy_bliss
lucy_bliss from LJ and Snarkfest wrote, "Today I went on a shopping expedition to buy a pair of shoes for my cousin's upcoming wedding. I couldn't find anything in my size that I liked but did find a very pretty pair of summer shoes. They're Rieker and they were pretty inexpensive. Jaz was right. Buying shoes is the perfect way to spend a day. "
swarles swarles
swarles from LJ and Snarkfest wrote, " I bought them on Tuesday. The same day jazmyne (allthatjazmyne) passed away. So today I wore them for her. Rest in peace."
cill_ros cill_ros
cill_ros from LJ and Snarkfest wrote, "I broke in my new pair of shoes today. They weren't particularly comfortable to wear shopping on a searingly hot day, but what the heck. :) Hope you like them, jaz. "
whatthedeuce whatthedeuce
whatthedeuce from LJ and Snarkfest wrote, "Here are the Roxy slip-ons I love and wear almost everyday! They're super comfy unlike many of my fancier and prettier flats. My mama bought them for me a few months ago because she always feels bad that I don't shop much, like my sisters do. They were $30, but I still felt bad letting her pay for them. Anyway, I hope Julia will love the pix wherever she is!"
astrablue astrablue
astrablue from LJ wrote, "They are my Sydney boots - I called them that when I first bought them because they reminded me of sexy boots that Sydney Bristow would wear during missions. Only weeks later did I notice that they're actually called "Sydney" as a style name by B.P. (Nordstrom brand). Heh."
Ace Ace
Ace from TWoP Buffy forum.

GCB from the TWoP Buffy forum.
Putli Bai Putli Bai
Putli Bai from Snarkfest
bmb654 bmb654
bmb654 from TWoP Amazing Race forum.
missmp missmp
missmp from LJ and Snarkfest.
skeb skeb
skeb from TWoP Amazing Race forum.

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Jun. 1st, 2008 05:55 pm (UTC)
Thanks for putting this together, Mel! It's so awesome. Julia must be loving our shoe tribute to her.
Jun. 1st, 2008 08:02 pm (UTC)
This looks great!
Jun. 1st, 2008 09:36 pm (UTC)
Wonderful tribute to Julia!
Jun. 2nd, 2008 04:00 am (UTC)
I've been away all weekend without my camera cable, so I hope it's okay if I post my shoes here in comments. I was helping my brother move house on Saturday, so luckily for me my favorite shoes were appropriate for the task, but if they hadn't been, I still would have worn the "wrong" shoes for Julia. :)

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Jun. 2nd, 2008 04:43 am (UTC)
These shoes and feet are fabulous. Thank you everyone for doing this. I'm camera-less, but I did wear my favorite sandals on Saturday for jaz.
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