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I broke in my new pair of shoes today. They weren't particularly comfortable to wear shopping on a searingly hot day, but what the heck. :) Hope you like them, jaz.

Shoes here.

Here are the Roxy slip-ons I love and wear almost everyday! They're super comfy unlike many of my fancier and prettier flats. My mama bought them for me a few months ago because she always feels bad that I don't shop much, like my sisters do. They were $30, but I still felt bad letting her pay for them. Anyway, I hope Julia will love the pix wherever she is!


She must have the most hot-footed funeral ever! Go Julia! :)

Shoes for Jules

Today I'm wearing my red GoGo boots:

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My mother bought me these shoes for my 30th birthday, telling me that everyone should have something fabulous for their 30th birthday. And she was right. These shoes make me fabulous. I feel fabulous in them and I wear them when I want everyone to know just how wonderful I am.

Julia - Thank you for giving me an opportunity to wear such fabulous shoes. I won't forget you and I know that you are looking down on us and smiling. Say hi to my mom for me, will you?

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May. 31st, 2008

I just have three small, unrelated things to share about Julia.

* I am a teacher, but not a high school teacher, and I admired Julia's attitude toward school. I had been thinking about talking to her about a career change I was contemplating because she approached approach school and her students with such dedication, even joy, even the times when the behavior or situation was less than ideal. I am inspired by her.

* When I was discovering old episodes of Doctor Who and noticed Tom Baker's crazily long scarf from the show in the 1980s, Julia mentioned that she had crocheted Brent a Doctor Who scarf years ago. It must have been magnificent, all 22 feet of it. I was amazed at all the crafty things she was able to do and found time for, usually for others.

* After she was diagnosed, I sent her something and a few weeks later she sent me a thank-you note (and for handwritten thank-you notes alone she was a class act in my book) with one of those silicone awareness bracelets enclosed. It says "Every Second Counts." I had started wearing the bracelet again a few weeks ago, and didn't really know why, except that to me the message meant that every moment in your life is worth something; the ordinary times and the "special" times are all valuable, and it really seemed like she lived that way.

Here's a picture of Julia at the San Diego Zoo during "Beach Camp Con" in 2003. You can barely see it, but she's wearing a teeshirt with the words "Because it's wrong" embroidered in red on the front. It's a Buffy reference. We were all Buffy-lovers on that trip, but we found that we had much more to talk about than simply the show, because it was a group of fun, interesting people. I remember Julia telling us about how she met Brent and I just loved the story.

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I have one of those shirts, too, made by thesaucyone way back when, and I'll be wearing it Saturday with my favorite hi-top Converse knockoffs.

The last post in Jaz's LJ

posted by her step MIL.  Cross-posted with permission.

To all of Julia's family, friends, peers and students,

It is with great sadness that I write in Julia's journal today to inform you that she passed away peacefully Tuesday, May 27th, 2008. I have put off making this entry because I have to face the reality that she is gone.

Julia was my step-daughter in-law, but that is never how I thought of her. Julia was my friend. She wasn't the kind of friend that you spoke to everyday...she was the friend who was always there.

I was blessed to know Julia, but only for a short time. When we met it was like seeing an old friend. She had passion for so many things that she could talk to anyone and they would instantly feel comfortable. Her interests ranged from one end of the spectrum to the other and her range of knowledge fascinated me. We could talk about anything and she would always have an opinion or advice that made you see things differently. I remember her talking about Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and looking at her to determine if she was really serious. I had never watched the show and could't fathom that there was actually a conference for Buffy and people actually attended!!??!!
Now, if we were talking about Bones, or America's Next Top Model, I totally got it!! But Buffy????

Julia touched so many hearts while she was here. The one who knew her best was her husband and soul-mate, Brent. Words cannot describe what they have been through over the years, but they loved each other unconditionally and both grew from their relationship.

Julia also inspired and motivated so many children during her years of teaching. When I had the opportunity to go to her classroom I saw the most dedicated and compassionate teacher. She made school fun and connected with the kids in a way that they could learn. Going to school everyday while she was battling cancer gave her a reason to live. Her short term goal was to finish out the school year and prepare her kids for finals and attend graduation. She was attempting to grade papers while she was in the hospital, but didn't have quite enough time (I think she said EVERYONE gets an A+, but I think she was under the influence of Morphine!!). God had other plans, but I know she will be in her classroom and at graduation in spirit.

Julia lived a full life in her 35 years. We will always wonder why she had to go through this and why we had to lose her, but we will never know. We just have to believe that God needed her and has a new path for her to follow.

I wish, as many of you do, that I had called her or emailed her more often, but today that's not so important. Julia had her own special relationship with all of us and she knew we loved her. We will keep her alive in our hearts and in our memories and continue to grow from what we learned from her.

Julia, I will miss you forever, but I know you won't be far away. I love you and I hope they are playing reruns of Buffy in heaven and have the most fantastic shoe store filled with your size!!! We will see you in eternity...save a spot for us all.

With hugs and kisses and tears,



Like many of us, I first knew allthatjazmyne as 'jazymyne' on TWoP. But although I knew the name, I sometimes have problems keeping people straight in my head if I haven't met them face to face. So when the people I had already met convinced me to join the migration to Live Journal, she somehow never made it to my friends list. That is until I finally did have the chance to meet her at the weekend gathering at escap1974's house in March of 2006. She was tall and confident and I think we were the only two people who didn't get drunk that weekend. And if that wouldn't bond people, I don't know what would. When I got home, I friended her immediately. I remember being jealous of her sewing skills and admiring her kindness and thoughtfulness and her drive to do good things and contribute to her community. She was one of only two people on my friends list who were as into Dancing with the Stars as I was and I was always interested to hear her opinions since she had actually done ballroom dancing. Which is why I felt particularly proud when she complimented my answer to a question over at TWoP about how to figure-8 the hips the way they do in the Latin dances. I still shake my head in amazement at the way she lived her life after her diagnosis. She just lived, did what she'd always done, was interested in the same stuff, and dealt with her illness as just another thing on the to-do list. I only wish I'd met her sooner. She will be much missed.
x-posted from my LiveJournal

I don't even remember the first time I met allthatjazmyne. She was a freshman when I was a sophomore in high school. She was in band, like virtually all my friends were - she played the baritone (I think one of the only girls who played low brass). She was tall, even then, with pale skin and dark hair. Yeah - she stood out, and was totally striking.

We weren't super-close, but we knew each other all through high school and hung out with the same crowd. She was a little boy-crazy, I thought (and she would agree with that). I remember some high drama over guys between her and a couple of friends. She and our friend M used to wear high heels - adding several inches to put them both close or over 6 feet tall - and then complain that none of the guys were tall enough to match them.

I have a very vivid memory of a choir trip to Great Falls where she and I shared a seat on the bus, trying to stay warm under a heavy denim quilt and mocking a romance novel. I know she remembered this too.

Once we hit college, we traded letters and then occasional emails. And then, a couple of years ago, she stumbled on my LJ profile and realized it was me. It was fabulous reconnecting with her. I last saw her 2 years ago - I was stopping off in Montana on my way to Massachusetts, and she came up to visit family. We had lunch, and wandered around downtown Billings just a little, talking and shopping.

18 months ago, she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Things were looking good for a while, but then she had a recurrence, and frankly stopped talking about it as much. I kind of suspected that things weren't going so well.

Julia was admitted the hospital Friday with a clot in her lung, and died peacefully Tuesday. Good night, sweet girl.

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Yummy sushi is the key to my heart.

My very first experience with Julia was online, through Buffy, of course. After seeing Buffy in her yummy sushi pajamas, I wanted a pair so very badly. Julia found the fabric and offered to make me some for cost. And she did make me a pair. I still have them to this day, and wear them often.

My first meeting with her was in May of 2005. I'd been working in San Jose, California and she came out for the weekend to visit me. Julia, fenwic, thesaucyone and I started off with brunch at Luna Park in San Francisco. After I had ordered a mojito, she immediately wanted to know what was in one and could she get it without alcohol. We had a great brunch and spent the rest of the day shopping on Valencia. We bought hats, fabric, clothing... everything. We introduced fenwic to the fabulous world of high end shoes, which Julia described as almost a religion. Heh. She was a lover of shoes, that one. The rest of the weekend was spent with just Julia and myself. We took a trip out to the Winchester Mystery House, where she promptly declared that she felt like Alice in Wonderland after eating the food that made her big because the stairs were so narrow and had low ceilings. We had a great time with that. The rest? I remember ice cream and Farscape and giggling like little girls over silly stuff.

The next time I saw Julia was in March of 2006, when I hosted a gathering of people in my home. Mostly people we'd met on TWoP, a few new friends from LJ. It was a fun weekend. Shoe shopping and horrible movies and lots of food. It wasn't as one on one as the first time we'd met, but we had fun just the same.

One thing I'll always remember is that, no matter what she was going through, she put other people first. She was always the first one to express sympathy. One day, I got a pair of shoes out of the blue. Julia had sent them to me from my Amazon wish list because I'd had a bad week the week before. She was like that all the time. Thoughtful, sweet, and just plain nice to be around. The world lost a good person this week. I'll miss her a lot.

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It's the everday things....

Like others I never physically met her (though I was going to at ComicCon this year), but she was part of my everyday life.  She was so enthusiastic about my garden and my kitties.  She sympathized with me for my mother and empathized with me when discussion pain (or grading papers). She talked about her students, her family, her church, going to concerts, shoes. She loved talking about her Roomba and Scooba, which amused me to no end.

I met her on the TWOP Buffy Boards and she was one of my first friends here at LJ. The first comment she made in my LJ was in May of 2004(!) where she wondered if my neighbor was playing a tuba ala LA Story.  My first comment in her LJ had to do with seeing a Mulder-esque license plate.  All very banal, but truly the little things that make life so much better.

Julia - I will think of you every time I run my Roomba and every time I pet my kitties.  God bless you for all of your support to me and everyone over the course of these ever=so-many years!

Radiation and...Oreo Cakesters?

I can't say that I knew Julia well because I didn't. I didn't frequent the same SF threads that she did so we never really bumped into each other over there. However, I asked to friend here here on LJ during one of my snarker friending frenzies, and she gladly added me back. From there, I began keeping tabs on her health via her posts about the current treatments she was enduring to battle cancer. I remember being in awe of Julia because she never seemed to let cancer get her down. She didn't grouse about her pain, but instead, offered a candid look at what treatment was like and the side effects that resulted from those treatments. Her last post really struck me because she somehow transitioned from talking about the irritating side effects of radiation to a grammatical error she noticed while watching Smallville, of all things! I thought, "How can anyone notice something that trivial when they have much bigger problems on their mind?" Well, she was a teacher and a snarker so I shouldn't have been at all surprised. I wouldn't expect anything less from someone I met at SF, and as insignificant as that observation of hers sounds, it really struck me. It made me feel like we had something in common (Grammar nerds! Holla!), and her last bit about wanting to try the Oreo Cakester was such a minor thing, but I'll probably think of her now whenever I eat one. I hope she got to sample those suckers, and if she did, I'm sure she loved them. I have a cheap knock-off cakester in my pantry, and I'm gonna eat it right now while I think about her. 

Rest in peace, Julia. I'm glad you never have to sit through another round of radiation or hurt anywhere ever again.